About Maybury

Since 1976, Maybury Material Handling has been designing, supplying, and servicing a wide variety of material handling equipment throughout New England. Maybury provides customers from a wide range of industries with solutions to move, lift, and store their parts and products.

Maybury Material Handling, one of the largest, most successful material handling companies in the Northeast, now has over 80 employees and is a distributor for approximately 1,300 manufacturers. We supply virtually all types of material handling equipment, including many ergonomic/productivity enhancing products. Customers range from large manufacturers to small, family-owned businesses, in many different industries.

A diverse product line, knowledgeable personnel, and an emphasis on safety combine to make Maybury a recognizable leader in the material handling industry. Maybury is your one-stop, full-service provider for all of your material handling needs.

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Services We Offer

Maybury provides expert service for conveyors, packaging equipment, docks, industrial lifts, carousels and more. Our technicians are continually trained, highly qualified professionals who will work with you to help make sure your operation is optimized and ready to run.

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