Material Handling Equipment Rental

When you need an extra truck during a peak business period, when your own trucks are down for servicing, or if you have no funds available for another capital expenditure-renting a vehicle from Maybury is the obvious solution!

Maybury’s Rental Department provides customers with:

forklift rental maybury material handling

Why Choose to Rent with Maybury?

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Flexibility in pricing and rates
  • Quick response rate and turnaround time
  • Our Rent-to-Own Program to keep your operations moving
  • We offer a wider range of rental equipment than our competitors 

Want to Rent WITH MAYBURY?

Contact us at Maybury for a quote to rent our equipment for a specified time. Be sure to include any specific needs or any information that may relate to your rental inquiry.

Our team will reach back out as soon as possible!


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