I know what you’re thinking…HA! Right! Not going to happen. I don’t do resolutions because they don’t keep!

Ok, what if we say, let’s start the New Year off right and put a Cleaning Program in place that will Keep it Clean throughout the year? Sounds like a better idea? Follow these keys to start your year off right and get them to last!

  1. Throw out what you haven’t used in years and won’t this year ether. Get organized!
  2. Start in the most public areas and work your way to dark corners of the Warehouse!
  3. Start high and work your way down. Cleaning overhead does not always require climbing ladder and scaffolding. Quality Vacuums like the Minuteman X829 Series Vacuum can help you clean overhead with proper tooling. By Vacuuming overhead you remove the dust from lighting, pipes and air ducting.
  4. Next move to the floor, with use of the PowerBoss Collector 34 Walk behind Sweeper or the Phoenix 24C walk behind scrubber to both Sweep and scrub your floors.
  5. But how do I make it stick? Make sure your cleaning Program is in place and you are committed to sticking to it. Daily, Weekly and monthly cleaning task need to be written down and commit to action on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly cycle.

Not Sure how to get your New Year’s cleaning Program off on the right Foot?
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