Boxed Forklift Fork Extensions

Heavy Duty Boxed forklift fork extension encloses all 4 sides of the forklift fork to offer a tighter fit. The fork has minimal movement within the boxed extension and provides a more stable loading surface than conventional forklift extensions. This boxed extension is required for shaft mount forks but can be used for any type of forklift fork.

Heavy Duty Boxed forklift fork extension (HD)has 4000lbs. capacity. The Re-Enforced Model (HDR) features re-enforcement strip welded to the outsides of each extension to increasing capacity to 5000lbs. per pair .

Simply slide your fork into the forklift extension, and secure it by placing the locking pin through the brackets on the back.

These forklift fork extensions are constructed form structural tubing. Taper on the end allows for ease on entering into product for movement..

5/8″ thick pin on end of extension keeps it in place and makes it convenient to take on and off. Other sizes are available upon request.

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Weight 200 lbs
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