Crown M Series Power Lift & Travel Stacker

The M Series Power Lift and Travel Stacker can stack, transport, and position 2000 lb. loads up to 130″. The M Series has been the industry standard for years with its entry-level cost, dependability, and low cost of ownership.

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24-volt powered lift and travel system. Four six-volt batteries with a built-in charger.

Load Handling Configuration

Two designs manage a variety of applications:

1. Fork-over: The forks nest directly over the outriggers for use with skids and platform handling.

2. Straddle: Adjustable outriggers straddle the load for use with pallets.

Control Handle

Crowns control handle simplifies any task and is time-tested for proven reliability. Directional activator with twist grip is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit a variety of positions, minimizing hand and wrist fatigue.


Five-point weight distribution reduces steering effort.


A clear-view mast and low-profile power unit allow operators to clearly see the forktips, providing excellent visibility and reducing product damage. Load positioning is enhanced with excellent visibility of the outriggers, fork tips, or either side of the pallet load.


A high level of serviceability simplifies maintenance and prolongs equipment life. Service and parts manual recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 1500 lbs