Double Axes Gate

The Double AXES GATE is specifically developed as fall protection for cage ladders and work platforms. When working in elevated places or in other hazardous situations, optimal fall protection is vitally important for your employees. The Double AXES GATE is a robust, industrial safety gate that you can use to secure the openings of cage ladders and safely restrict access to your machines and work platforms.



With an industrial safety gate such as the Double AXES GATE®, you leave nothing to chance. Gates left open by the carelessness of some individuals no longer present a hazard if you use the Double AXES GATE. After all, this double industrial safety gate closes automatically each time someone passes through. When installing, you have a choice whether the door opens to the left or to the right. The Double AXES GATE is available in lengths of 550 to 1200 mm, to meet the needs of your situation. The rest of the positive qualities of this robust, impact-resistant polyurethane safety gate are listed below.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Lead Time