Drum Storage Cabinet

Heavy duty flammable liquid safety storage cabinet designed to hold 55 gallon drums. Coated in high-visibility yellow and lockable with a padlock using our 3-point locking system.

  • 12 Gauge Exterior Wall and 16 Gauge Interior Wall
  • 6 Inch Legs
  • Catch Pan
  • High-visibility safety yellow coating


Our flammable liquid safety storage cabinets feature an all-welded, double-walled design for added safety when storing flammable goods or other liquids. All of Strong Hold’s flammable liquid safety storage cabinets are manufactured to the National Fire Protection Association and Combustible Liquid Code #30, exceeding OSHA requirements.

With quality construction throughout, these cabinets feature 12 gauge exterior walls and 16 gauge interior walls spaced 1.5 inches apart. Air vents on each side of the cabinet allow for cross ventilation. The manual closing double doors include the 3-point locking system.

This cabinet is designed to hold 55 gallon drums. The pan under the floor of the cabinet is designed to contain spills. These cabinets are finished with a coat of high-visibility safety yellow paint.

Cabinets ship fully assembled and ready for use.

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