FactoryCat Mini-HD Floor Scrubber

Cleaning Path: 25-29 | Run Time: Up To 3.5 Hours | Tank Capacity: Sol: 21 Gal, Rec: 23 Gal

Versatility best describes the Mini-HD battery powered floor scrubber. Large enough to be highly productive yet small enough to maneuver easily thought doorways and in confined areas. Add the ZerO3 On-Demand Aqueous Ozone chemical free cleaning system and clean better, chemical free leaving your facility shining and smelling fresh.

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    The MINI-HD Scrubbers are available with Disk & Cylindrical scrub heads.

  • Disk: Popular in most applications where general cleaning is a concern.
  • Cylindrical: Great when small debris is a concern as well as grouted tile lines.

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