Flex Impact TB 260 Plus Fence

This TB 260 Plus Fence is low to the ground for effective crash protection. The low center of gravity gives the barrier extra strength and prevents goods or pallets sliding under the barrier. This makes them ideal for use in areas where forklift maneuvers take place. The built-in fence is made from glass fiber reinforced resin and acts as a safety barrier between pedestrians and machinery. This minimizes the risk of people getting caught in machinery or machinery being tampered with by unauthorized personnel.

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Low to the ground to provide extra shock absorption on impact

All of our FLEX IMPACT® barriers are designed to absorb shock and then return to their original shape and appearance. They retain their strength and protective properties after impact. The fencing has also been specially designed with flexible properties to minimize injury to pedestrians and damage to vehicles on collision. Due to its flexibility, it requires less maintenance than standard metal fencing. Our traffic barriers are extremely easy to install and can be configured to suit the specific requirements of your workplace.

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