Flexible Heavy Duty Bollard

The Flexible Heavy Duty Bollard protective post gives you a fortified version of the Flexible Impact technology. That makes the Flexible Heavy Duty Bollard the ideal flexible protective post to protect gates, access ways, corners & machines from frequent crashes with heavier vehicles.

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The Flexible Heavy Duty Bollard is the strongest protective post within our array of FLEX IMPACT® bollards. Just like their lighter siblings, these posts are available in a variety of highly visible colors, patterns and color combinations. Due to the robustness and impact-resistant flexibility of the Flexible Heavy Duty Bollard, this protective post can take a punch. The distortion which is caused after each crash will disappear once the vehicle draws back. As a result, repairs after the crash are no longer necessary. The Flexible Heavy Duty Bollardcan also be deployed as a traffic post or traffic pillar.

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Weight 50 lbs
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