Forklift Carpet Poles

Rolled carpets are rolled so tightly they appear easy to carry. But we don’t have to tell you how unwieldy and even heavy they are.

You also more than likely store carpet rolls on high shelves in your warehouse, making it dangerous for employees to remove from the shelf by hand.

Enter carpet poles. Sometimes called carpet rams, rug poles or rug rams, its all the same thing. These poles, attached as a forklift attachment, allows the driver to insert the pole into the rolled carpet’s middle (core), lifting the carpet from its shelf and moving it another location.

Our poles are made of high-tensile steel and the standard models are 2.5” in diameter, allowing them to carry carpet rolls of up to 2,500 pounds (so long as the load is evenly distributed).

The poles can be attached to the forklift trucks lifting mechanism (fork carriage) itself via out carriage mount or attached to the lift’s forks via one of our fork mounted options.

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Carpet Pole Features:
Manufactured from high tensile steel.
Standard poles are 2.5″ in diameter.
Standard poles have a 2,500 LB. capacity evenly distributed.
2.75″ and 3″ diameter poles are available for added strength.
Fork mounted styles will handle up to 2.25″ x 7″ forks.
Inverted fork mounted style is limited to roll diameters of no more than 30″

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