Glass & Surface Cleaner – 4 Pack

Four 2 liter units per case

Applications:Each 2 Liter bottle of concentrate makes 88 quarts of cleaning solution. Part of the Multi-Task Dilution Control System.Notes:Multi-Task™ #2 Multi-Shine Glass and Surface Cleaner cuts dirt and grime on windows and mirrors. Great for general purpose cleaning of any polished or painted surfaces (brass, aluminum, vinyl, plastics, Formica, stainless steel, etc.). Safe for use on polycarbonate. Streak Free. Leaves surfaces sparkling clean. Low VOC’s, Ammonia, alcohol, and solvent free. The 2-liter bottle can be dispensed through the Multi-Task Dispenser (0605994), the Multi-Task U-Fill Gun (0605995) or by the “Squeeze and Pour” method.

  • Cleans mirrors, glass and windows
  • Safer for polycarbonate and acrylic
  • Green Seal Certified


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Great for glass and mirrors. Use for general purpose cleaning of any polished or painted Surfaces (brass, aluminum, vinyl, Plastics, Formica, stainless steel,Etc.) Safe for use on polycarbonate. Yield per 2 liter Bottle ………87 Quarts of Ready to Use product. Your cost would be .38 every time you fill a spray bottle.

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