Hanel Rotomat

uses proven vertical carousel technology with high-performance controls, for storage up to several floors high.

is available with a full selection of accessories, including containers, inserts, trays and drawers.

has a load capacity of 1,650 pounds per shelf.

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1. Carriers attached to the rotating mechanism

2. Multifunction Carrier for variable applications

3. Drive System housed internally

4. Soft Start Control uses three phase motors

5. Work Counter made of high-grade stainless steel

6. Hanel Safety Threshold

7. Light Barriers of BWS-S design

8. Hanel Microprocessor Control Unit

9. Wiring Cabinet located for easy access

10. Multifunction Positioning System

11. Lockable Sliding Doors provide protection of stored items

12. Powder-based Finish environmentally-friendly and scuff-resistant

13. Maintenance Access conveniently positioned at the front

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Weight 1500 lbs