Infection Isolation Room

The use of airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIRs) is required by the CDC as a means to protect the public from the spread of disease. Patients who are immediately quarantined in isolation rooms usually have illnesses such as tuberculosis, SARS, H5N1, COVID-19, or coughing conditions that may pose a risk to hospital staff.

Starrco Modular Isolation Rooms are built to ASHRAE Standard 170 standards – which specify negative air pressure, air change rates of 6-12 ACH, temperature guidance, and filtration conditions that direct exhaust of air to the outside of the building or recirculation of air through a HEPA filter.

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  • Versatile enough to be temporary, permanent, expandable, or relocatable
  • Blueprints can be PE stamped to meet local codes and construction standards
  • Prefabricated systems are fast and easy to install (an 8’ x 8’ quarantine room can be erected in 6-hours)

  • Standard Features:

  • Negative pressure
  • Directed air flow
  • Gasketed ceiling grid for a proper seal
  • Smooth and easy to clean ceiling tiles
  • Sealed and easy to clean smooth wall surfaces like FRP or HDPE
  • Offer the privacy and safety you need
  • Self-closing doors

  • Additional Isolation Room Options:

  • Coved floors
  • Windows or full glass walls
  • HEPA filtration
  • Redundant ventilation equipment
  • Pass-Through
  • Power outlets
  • Modular electric for fast snap & click power

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