A Maybury custom-built mezzanine can provide you with up to double your present floor space, in a much shorter time and at a much lower cost than new construction. Increase stock capacity of your warehouse and reduce order picking time; increase plant efficiency and free up floor space by storing raw materials; and improve visibility of operations with elevated offices.

Our widespan design system enables us to use fewer columns that might obstruct your workflow and gives us the flexibility to accommodate your existing machinery and building columns. Our nut-and-bolt construction ensures maximum strength while allowing for easy expansion, modification or relocation as your needs change.

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Mezzanines can be utilized for an almost unlimited number of applications. Maybury has provided mezzanines for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Foxwoods Casino, Titeflex, Country Curtains, Kimberly-Clark and Hamilton Sunstrand.

Maybury mezzanines can be constructed from a variety of materials, including plywood, concrete and fiberglass decking; bar, plank or serrated grating; and steel plate. Maybury also offers stairs, hand rails, gates, lifts and in-plant offices to customize your mezzanine. Our engineers utilize the latest AutoCAD software to make the most efficient use of your space. Contact your sales representative for more information or an evaluation.

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