Mobile Medical Cabinets, Stainless Steel

Extra heavy-duty 12-gauge stainless steel mobile medical cabinet with clearview doors, adjustable shelves, heavy duty casters, and a built in cylinder lock with keys.

  • 36″x24″x78″
  • 48″x24″x78″
  • 60″x24″x78″
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Our Mobile Medical Cabinets keep medical equipment, pharmaceutical drugs, lab equipment and much more safe and secure. This extra heavy-duty 12-gauge steel cabinet includes 2 clearview doors, shelves, and a cylinder lock and keys for added security. For mobility, this cabinet is placed on 6-inch-wide swivel casters with brakes. A handle is welded to the side of the cabinet for easy maneuvering. With a load capacity over 2,000 lbs., you won’t have to worry about overloading these Strong Hold cabinets.


The 12-gauge stainless steel used in these cabinets were designed to take a beating. With the extra heavy-duty industrial steel and Strong Hold’s all-welded design, our cabinets will rival most safes on the market today. Add to that the cylinder lock and our 3-point-locking system, and you are going to need much more than a pair of bolt cutters to break into this cabinet.


The mobile medical cabinets stainless steel is perfect for hospitals and sterile work environments. The stainless steel body and shelving makes this cabinet easy to clean and sterilize, allowing you to use virtually any cleaning solution without having to worry about corrosion or rusting.

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