RAMGuard Column Protection

Superior Column Protection

RAMGuard™ provides superior rack column protection with its patented Rubber Armored Metal design. Molded of energy absorbing rubber with a “U-shaped” steel insert and force distributing rubber voids, RAMGuard absorbs significantly more energy during impact than most column protection devices offered today.

RAMGuard™ Advantages

Protects rack structures from frontal, angled and side impacts
Significantly lowers impact damage to pallet rack columns
Requires no hardware or straps to retain the guard on column
Endures many impacts with no loss of performance
Significantly outperforms most plastic guards commonly used today
Available in 12-inch heights, RAMGuard snaps onto rolled or structural steel columns 3-inches wide and up to 3-inches deep.

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Impact Tests Show RAMGuard’s Advantages

Impact testing to FEM 10.2.02 standards has shown the RAMGuard dissipates more impact energy and better distributes impact forces than competitive guards resulting in no damage to the column or the guard. During extensive frontal and 45° angle testing, the same RAMGuard protector easily withstood more than 20 identical hits without allowing any damage to the column.

* Energy absorbing elastomer guards outperform plastic guards
* Elastomer guards lower the peak acceleration levels at the column
* Elastomer guard with steel reinforcement will endure multiple impacts with no loss of performance*

Dimensions and Fit

Size 12″ high
5.5″ wide
Weight 9 lbs
Fits Columns 3″ wide and up to 3″ deep
Testing Test Setup to meet European FEM 10.2.02 Standard
Fits all 3″ wide face columns