V-Force V-HFM Chargers – FS9

A 123-pound single or three phase charger with an eight hour battery capacity of up to 3375 amps per hour. The V-HFM FS9 charger can be used for conventional, opportunity and fast charging applications for any lift truck battery.

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Easy to Use

Preferred by the super-demanding telecommunications industry for decades, V-HFM chargers are ideal for industrial applications where performance and ease of use are desired.

This compact and lightweight charger offers a smaller footprint, occupying 67 percent less space than the typical charger cabinet.

A universal mounting bracket allows the charger to be wall or floor mounted. Extra Precaution

Software-driven, the chargers onboard intelligence monitors performance and battery conditions throughout the cycle.

Reserve polarity prevents charging an incorrect battery configuration. Extensive alarm monitoring and protective timers add even more safeguards.

The chargers software automatically prevents charging of an incorrect battery type and configuration.

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Weight 1500 lbs
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