How to Save Warehouse Space

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How to Save Warehouse Space

The seasonal overflow can cause your warehouse to become crowded, and possibly even overcrowded. In the warehousing world, this is a fatal problem that can significantly affect productivity and leave your clients (assuming you lease your space) feeling dissatisfied. Whatever the case, maximizing your warehouse space is essential to your growth—here’s how to do it without reinventing the wheel.

Store Vertically

Warehouses typically have plenty of vertical space to spare; it’s the horizontal space that is in short supply. With the right racking system and the right material handling equipment, you can extend your functional vertical space significantly, which will create square footage out of thin air.

Invest in a Mezzanine

One vertical warehousing solution is known as a “mezzanine.” It works in the same way as a fancy theater—it’s essentially a balcony space that creates a 2nd, functional floor in your warehouse. A mezzanine can dramatically increase your storage space by giving you more vertical space or could create space by taking your administrative workers off of the warehouse floor and giving that space back to storage and equipment.

Look at High-Density Storage

While many warehouses can’t do “first in, first out” due to logistical problems, those that can, could benefit from what is called “high-density storage.” These are racks that are twice as deep, which gives you twice the storage. However, high-density storage requires specialized material handling equipment like a reach truck.

crown lift truck

Conclusion: Consult with Us

We do warehouse design, and we sell and rent material handling equipment. What does that mean for you? We understand the essentials of warehouse storage from the ground up, and we know what equipment is needed to streamline your customized storage solution. Whether it’s a custom-designed mezzanine floor that effectively doubles your warehouse space or double-deep high-density racks that store twice the number of pallets; we can work with you to find a solution to your space problem.

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