PowerBoss Sweepmaster 1500

PowerBoss Sweepmaster 1500

New for 2022, the Sweepmaster 1500 offers a significant sweeping footprint with the ergonomic features necessary for today’s operators. The upfront and centered sweeping position, captains comfort seat makes operating the sweeper a luxurious task. Front wheel drive, and clean sight lines allow for maximum visibility and up-close damage-less effectiveness. Simple 1-touch electric components offer versatile operator usage and confidence.

The overthrow design of the sweeping system allows operators to maximize the usage of the 8.82ft 3 debris hopper. It’s filled bottom to top ensuring full operator productivity and less downtime spent emptying. Reduce side brush airborne dust with the Sweepmaster 1500 side brush speed control. Sweep dust-free with industry leading dust filtration and containment.

Common customers that choose the Sweepmaster 1500 include: warehousing, logistics, food and beverage manufacturers, large indoor applications and anywhere battery is preferred over internal combustion.


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