8’ X 12’ Two Room – Outdoor Cleanroom Visitor Check-In Booth

Pre-screen visitors and employees prior to entering a facility. This standalone structure is designed for outdoor use so that it is isolated from the main facility. Conduct testing while keeping your employee safe and protected in a clean room enclosure.

The employee conducting the screening would be in an isolated space designed to clean room specifications with HEPA air filtration. Visitors enter into a separate space to check-in or to be screened.

The two spaces are separated by a wall with a partition window. This partition window is equipped with a hole for communication and the ability to administer an IR temperature scan within a temperature controlled space. Air is recirculated, tempered, filtered and fresh air is introduced. The employee side has positive air pressure.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Nominal 12’ Wide x 8’ Deep Free Standing Exterior Enclosure, shipped completely assembled
  • 30” x 40” Windows, aluminum frame
  • 3068 Doors, 21” x 37” window, aluminum frame
  • Insulated walls, white aluminum surface on both sides
  • Insulated slopped corrugated metal roof with gutter
  • Suspended ceiling, clean room rated
  • Linoleum floor finish
  • Fork lift structural base frame
  • Electrical package, factory wired
  • – Main circuit breaker panel
  • – Interior LED lighting with light switch
  • – Electrical outlet on the employee side
  • – HEPA fan filter unit
  • – Wall mounted air conditioner/heater
  • Desk surface on the employee side
  • Partition window with hole
  • Positive air pressure on the employee side, minimum of 30 air changes per hour
  • Fresh air intake
  • Combo heat & a/c wall unit

Additional Options:

  • Outdoor LED lighting over each door (Quantity of 2)
  • – Illuminate door access with photocell activated LED lighting

  • Magnehelic air pressure analog gauge
  • – Used to quickly validate and monitor positive air pressure on the employee side of the enclosure. Panel mounted inside the employee side of the enclosure.

  • 12”x12”x12” Interlocked pass-thru box
  • – Used to pass items between the visitor and employee while maintaining clean room conditions on the employee side

  • Two-way powered intercom
  • – Amplified communication while maintaining separation

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