One-Wall Woven Wire Partitions

Wire Mesh Partition Systems provide security, safety, protection and access control. These pre-designed rooms are available with or without a roof… in two, three and four sided configurations. Partitions are constructed from high quality steel wire, woven into an extremely strong frame. Modular components makes installation easy; usually requires no change to existing heating, lighting or ventilation systems. Components bolt together quickly and can be easily relocated. Woven Wire Mesh Security rooms (and lockers) include a long-lasting maintenance-free powder coat finish. These systems are ideal for drug companies, electronic firms, military installations, cargo areas or stock rooms.

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A solid wall of woven wire protection from pilferage, theft, unauthorized access

Use one-sided partitions to enclose an area by anchoring it against two facing walls or building columns to create a secure wire wall. This partition can also be used at the end of rack rows or in other areas to create a single-wall barrier. This partition ships with posts at each end for panel connection, so it does not need to connect directly to facility walls.

Gate:3′ wide single-hinged gate is 7’3¾” tall with a transom panel on top sized to match overall partition height. Includes three 4” x 4” 10-gauge tight pin hinges, key lock, door posts, and all hardware. It is constructed to work on the left or right hand side, and to swing inside or outside of the partition.

Footplates: Standard footplates are 2″ x 7″. They extend outside the post by 2½” per post position depending on footplate orientation. If you are in a seismic zone, or your floor is not smooth or even, a larger footplate may be required.

Partitions are designed to be anchored into a concrete floor. If your floor is uneven, or a surface that cannot hold anchors, contact us. Partitions can be installed on most any floor that can bear their weight, but there may be considerations with various floor surfaces. Contact us for assistance.

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