Temperature Screening Station

  • – Durable, transparent screen provides visibility to scan customers and/or employees safely.
  • – 3 separate screening ports (on each side) allow for screening people of different heights.
  • – Removable flaps make it easy to routinely sanitize the screen.
  • – Casters make it easy to roll the temperature screening station out of the way when it is not in use.
  • – Dual-sided screen allows for multiple screening lines.

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Built with standard FlowCell components, the temperature screening station can be re-purposed when no longer needed.
In addition to temperature screening, the FlowCell Partition can be used to keep work spaces separate – use the partition as a divider between workstations in the office, the warehouse, the factory, and more.

When distancing measures are relaxed and temperature screening is no longer needed, you can disassemble the partition and have it reassembled into a fully functional FlowCell flow rack.

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