PFlow Series F Vertical Lift

Plows Series F mechanical vertical lift offers maximum capacity and a rugged 4post design for the heaviest lifting applications. The Series F lifts heavy, bulky and oversized loads up to 50,000 lbs. Carry loads an unlimited vertical distance up to 400 feet per minutes.

Lifts heavy, bulky oversized loads up to 50,000 lbs or more.

Unlimited carriage sizes and vertical rise.

Standard travel speed of 20 FMP (400 FPM or more available on special order).

Carriage is lifted and lowered by heavy-duty roller chain attached to a motor gear reducer mounted on top of 6 guide columns.
Transports multiple pallet loads, large carts, heavy machinery and any other type of load between two or more levels.

Provides maximum flexibility in carriage size, capacity and traffic patterns.

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Loading and unloading from all four sides.

Quality construction provides superior strength, reliability and long-term performance.

Built-in, advanced safety features protect workers and materials.

Patented DeckLock Safety System available for added security at critical upper levels.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Optional hot-dipped galvanized or epoxy finish; available for outdoor, chemical, caustic wash-down, or explosion proof environments.

Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards.

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Weight 1500 lbs


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