PFlow Series D Hydraulic Lift

Pflow hydraulic lifts provide reliable and economical vertical lifting for mezzanines, balconies, and other two-level applications. Pflow hydraulic lifts offer heavy-duty construction and advanced safety technology with proven reliability. Our hydraulic lifts are available in straddle or cantilever design.

Lifts loads up to 4,000 lbs. Carriage sizes up to 6×6.

Vertical rise to 15.

Standard travel speed is 17 FPM (25 FPM available on special order).

Carriage is lifted and lowered by dual 2 direct-acting hydraulic cylinders mounted between 6 guide columns.

Guided Dual-Pak design is direct action and has no cables, chains, bearings or other components that can break or require lubrication for a long-term performance.

Pressure switch prevents the carriage from drifting or sinking to ensure smoother, safer loading and unloading operations.

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Velocity fuses prevent uncontrolled descent in the event of hose rupture. Pressure-compensated control valve regulates flow of hydraulic oil to ensure smooth, constant lowering speed under any load.

Quick-connect cabling for push-button stations and gate interlocks are available, but not standard. This significantly reduces field-wiring costs.

Remote mounted control panel and motor are pre-wired and ready for immediate installation.

Ultra-highmolecular weight, polyethylene cylinder guide prevents cylinders from twisting during operation improving cylinder life.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Optional hot-dipped galvanized or epoxy finish; available for outdoor, chemical, caustic wash-down, or explosion proof environments.

Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards.

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