PFlow Series B Vertical Lift

The B Series Box Lift provides simple and convenient transportation of materials between two levels. Principle components include modular steel enclosure frame, mechanical drive assembly and lift carriage. Lifts loads up to 500 lbs. Standard carriage size is 3 x 3. Standard travel speed of 30 FPM.

Conforms to ASME B20.1 Safety Standards.

Standard carriage size is 3 x 3.

Standard travel speed of 30 FPM.

Lift boxes, totes, cartons, barrels, sacks, cases and individual parts to mezzanines and between floors.

Gates hinge right and lock left or vice versa.

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Stackable modular formed steel panels provide full height guarding and internal guide for carriage assembly. Gate arrangement can be easily changed for right hand or left hand swing open pattern.


Carriage is lifted and lowered by dual roller chains connected to electric motor-reducer assembly. Motor-reducer assembly is mounted within lift enclosure at floor level with easy access door for maintenance.


Standard power requirements are 230V single-phase or 230V/460V 3-phase. Low voltage controls. NEMA 12 rated momentary contact push button stations are provided for each level and include mushroom head E-stop. Quick-connect wiring is provided and ships partially pre-wired to minimize installation.


The B Series Box Lift is the safest modular small package lift on the market. Features include exclusive spring loaded dual safety pins that prevent uncontrolled descent in case of chain failure; electro-mechanical door interlocks, full height safety enclosures, and overload protection.


Positioned to load/unload at ergonomic heights at each level.


Standard units include interlocked swing gates and full-height enclosures on all sides made of 1/2 expanded metal.

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Weight 1500 lbs


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