Have you struggled with What is the best brush or broom for your Scrubber or Sweeper?

Here are a few questions you need to answer to pick the best brush for the job.

What is the flooring made of? The type of floor will help determine what brush to use. Also, what’s on the floor for a finish? Is it a VCT, Ceramic, Granite, Epoxy or just concrete? What is the soil or debris you’re picking up? What style scrubber are you using? Is it Disk or Cylindrical?

Many people will ask for the Most Aggressive brush because their floors aren’t as clean as they want them. That’s not a given that you need the most aggressive brush. The more aggressive brushes typically have thicker bristle but many times a thinner bristle with a grit impregnated in the bristle will give you a much better result.

Lastly, do you really need a brush or should you be using a pad?