Maybury is trusted by many for our material handling and cleaning solutions since 1976.

Increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing the risk of injury and accidents

Overhead cranes are versatile and can handle heavy loads in a variety of settings

Improve workflow and save time by streamlining warehouse operations

Maybury Material Handling

Overhead Cranes & Fall Protection

As a leading provider of material handling solutions, Maybury specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of overhead crane systems. Our team of experienced installers aims to deliver a solution that ensures safety while increasing flexibility and efficiency in the operation.

Maybury Material Handling are experts in providing overhead crane solutions helping businesses and operations be flexible with moving material or heavy loads. Whether you need to move a lighter 100-lbs load or a 2-ton load, we have an overhead crane or lift solution that will cover your operational needs.

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Why to use Overhead Cranes & Fall Protection in your warehouse or operation

Maybury is your one-stop, full-service provider for all of your material handling needs.

1. Improved Safety

Overhead cranes eliminate the need for operators to do the heavy lifting, reducing the risk of injury or accident in the workplace

2. Flexibility & Versatility

Overhead cranes can be customized to meet many different material handling needs and many different industry needs

3. Save Space

By utilizing vertical space with an overhead crane or lift, you are able to utilize and free up more space that would be used for other operational activity

4. Increased Efficiency

Overhead cranes allow for smoother and faster material handling which will increase overall efficiency and productivity and reduce the amount of manual labor required leading to fewer accidents or injury

5. Increased Load Capacity

Compared to traditional material handling equipment like forklifts and lift trucks, overhead cranes allow for larger, heavier loads than traditional material handling equipment that may not be able to fully handle the heavier loads.

6. Cost Saving in Your Operation

Overhead cranes provide better efficiency and reduce labor costs which will all in turn lead to more cost savings for your operation. By using less manual labor you lessen the risk of injury and accident which could lead to more costs for your business.

Maybury Material Handling

Available Overhead Cranes & Fall Protection options at maybury

Maybury Material Handling

Optimize Your Operations with Efficient & Reliable Systems

Overhead cranes are a key solution to optimize your warehouse operations by providing fast, reliable, and efficient ways to move heavy objects or equipment around.

By taking advantage of vertical space and improving safety, it allows for your employees to focus on areas that need more attention than the heavy lifting which can now be done by the overhead crane.

Maybury Material Handling

Streamline Your Material Handling with Overhead Cranes

Investing in an overhead crane system can also result in increased productivity, decreased downtime, and improved overall efficiency, leading to cost savings and a stronger bottom line for your business.

If you are interested in streamlining your operations and letting overhead cranes do the heavy lifting, reach out to Maybury Material Handling and we will be able to guide you through all of the overhead crane options available.

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