Frequently Asked Questions

Fulfillment Questions

Are local, state or federal taxes included in the prices?

Our shopping cart calculates and displays taxes where applicable. Our customer service associates will inform you of any sales taxes if you call to order.

Tax Exempt entities: If you are tax-exempt, submit your Tax Exemption Certificate and we’ll remove sales taxes prior to order processing. You can contact us at 1-888-629-2879 to arrange sending a copy to our attention.

Are shipping costs included in the price?

Yes, our site calculates shipping to provide the most economical way for your order to reach you. Certain products, or orders weighing over 10,000 pounds aren’t calculated and will have to be executed by our customer service department. You can opt to use your own shipping providers if desired.

Who do I make out the purchase order to?

Maybury Associates, Inc.

90 Denslow Road

East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Phone: 1-888-629-2879

Fax: 1-888-629-2329

Email: contact@maybury.com

I have a layout drawing you need to see. Where do I send it?

If faxable, send it to the attention Maybury Sales at 1-888-629-2329 and be sure to include your contact information, and any applicable order number. If it is in electronic format, e-mail to contact@maybury.com. We use AutoCAD as our drawing program. Please send all other drawing types in .DXF format. We can also accept scanned graphics files, such as GIF and JPG files. We recommend sending larger files in a zip format.

You can typically attach documents to our 24-hour inquiry forms.

Maybury Associates, Inc.

90 Denslow Road

East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Phone: 1-888-629-2879

Fax: 1-888-629-2329

Email: contact@maybury.com

Will I get an acknowledgment of the order?

Yes. We will contact you via email or fax with the expected arrival date. If there are changes to your order, we’ll communicate those as well.

What are my payment options?

We accept:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • Cash
  • Check

Support Questions

What happens after I place an order?

We process online orders quickly and efficiently.

  1. We review the order when it is received.
  2. We contact you if there are any questions as to your application, sizes, or other questions.
  3. We review all of the payment and shipping information and contact you if there are issues. We charge your credit card before entering the order into our system.
  4. We place orders for your equipment.
  5. The order is shipped by the method you prefer.
  6. We send you the shipping acknowledgment.
Will I get an order acknowledgment?

Yes. We will contact you with the final price (including shipping and tax) with the expected arrival date.

Where does my invoice come from?

Maybury Associates, Inc.

90 Denslow Road

East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Who supports me after the sale?

Our Customer Service department. Contact us at or by telephone toll-free in the United States, 1-888-629-2879. You may also use the individual e-mail address or telephone extension of the Customer Service Representative who assisted you with the order.

Installation Questions

Is this equipment easy for us to install?

Much of it is, but some may require professional installers or specialized tools, depending on what the equipment is and on your internal capabilities. We ship equipment with any applicable installation information or manuals, and provide those electronically where possible. If you find that you need professional installation services, contact Maybury. Maybury installation is not available in all geographical areas. Contact us for complete information. We can often subcontract installations.

Can you install the equipment for us?

In many cases we can. Contact us for installation questions about your particular equipment and situation. Maybury installation is not available in all geographical areas.

How much does it cost to install this equipment?

It depends on which equipment. If you’re using Maybury installation crews, we provide you a written quote after we have reviewed all the details of the installation based on the equipment you are ordering. If you utilize a third party, you will need to obtain pricing from them. Maybury installation is not available in all geographical areas. Contact us for complete information.

Freight Questions

How much does shipping cost?

Freight costs are determined by the total size and weight of the load, and the final destination. Freight pricing is calculated on our Shipping Estimate Calculator on each product page.

How long will it take to receive my equipment?

It depends on what you order. Some equipment has very fast turnaround times and other equipment may require more time.

Maybury Inside Sales will inform you on the estimated ship date of your equipment when we verify your order and provide shipping and tax information. Your order is processed immediately after we have the shipping and payment information resolved. We are located in East Longmeadow, MA, although some of our products may ship FOB from other locations.

If you have an urgent matter, please let us know. We can attempt to expedite the process.

What do I do if something is damaged in transit?

Don’t let the driver leave without noting the damage on the bill of lading. Ask the driver what the claims process is. You should also take digital photos of the damaged equipment.

You need to file the claim. Maybury cannot do this for you, but we will assist you in obtaining any information needed to complete the process. We will work with you to ensure that the claim is resolved in your favor.

Returns Questions

What is the return policy?

Maybury approval is required prior to any return. We will issue a return authorization to you after we have approved the return. Many of our vendors charge restocking fees for returned hardware; we will inform you of any applicable fees or restrictions on returning equipment at the time of the return request. In general, we ask that:

  • You contact us when you realize the product must be returned and get authorization.
  • Items are returned in original crate if possible, along with the return authorization.
  • Return shipments must be prepaid. All collect shipments will be refused and returned to you.
    Where do I get a return authorization?

    Send an email to contact@maybury.com Indicate your order number and reason for the return request. We will process the request and contact you with the appropriate information as soon as possible.

    What Maybury's order cancellation policy?

    Cancellations can be made in writing prior to item shipment. You can fax your cancellation notice to 1-888-629-2329 or email it to contact@maybury.com. Please include your order number (if you have it), your name, and telephone number. We will contact you to confirm the cancellation. For some products, cancellation may involve restock or other applicable fees. When you make your order, please inquire as to the cancellation policy for that particular product.