Products in Action: Racks & Shelving

Case Study


To expand inventory (furniture) capacity and improve storage safety


Bob’s Discount Furniture


272,000-square-foot warehouse addition in Norwich, Connecticut

Our Racks & Shelving 

Maybury Material Handling offers a full range of storage units, from the simplest modular shelving to the most sophisticated multi-level pallet rack system. Every Maybury storage system makes the best use of available space while providing the strength and durability required by the specific application where it will be used.

Maybury’s product line includes:


    • Pallet – for 100% access to inventory
    • Push Back – for maximum utilization of space
    • Drive-in – for first-in/last-out systems
    • Drive-thru – for first-in/first-out systems
    • Cantilever – for long or bulky items • Carton Flow – for efficient order picking
    • Live Pallet – for first-in/first-out high density storage


    • Wire
    • Steel
    • Modular
    • Open Design
    • Closed Design

Features of New System:

  • A total of 1.2 million pounds of rack, most of it of the conventional type
  • A set-back section and front post
  • Smooth powder-coated rack, with recessed decking
  • Maybury-designed narrow aisle configurations
  • Product, installation and service all in one package


  • Reduced furniture handling, resulting in reduced damage
  • Minimization of sharp edges, further protecting against damage
  • Increased productivity, during both put-away and retrieval
  • Additional storage flexibility
  • More cubic density
  • Very smooth installation

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