Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers will improve Cleanliness and the Safety in your Facility!

As a Facility Manager, Maintenance Manager, or safety coordinator, it is a major responsibility to keep your facility clean and safe for both your employees and your customers. Accidents, such as slips, trips, and falls are too common and often can cost your company a lot.

 A great way to reduce the risk and increase safety is to develop and follow a good floor cleaning program. Properly training your personnel, and the purchasing of the right piece of cleaning equipment to do the job.


 Floor Cleaning Program

A comprehensive cleaning program is meant to ensure that all floors in the facility are cleaned regularly and you need to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Set up a comprehensive schedule and make sure there is a clear procedure for your people to follow. 

When creating the schedule, you need to consider many things:

  • – Hours of operation, when is the best time to clean?
  • – What are busy areas in the plant? Typically those have the most traffic and thus are the dirtiest.
  • – How much time do you have to invest in cleaning?
  • – How much area do you need to clean?
  • – What is the Square footage?
  • – How Narrow or wide are the aisles?
  • – What is the debris load?
  • – What is the primary soil?


So your floor cleaning program to succeed you must train your personnel. They need to be taught the proper policies and procedures to avoid mistakes and to maximize their efficiency. You personnel should be How to use their floor scrubber or sweeper. And just as important on how to use, the must know how to properly maintain it! This increases the productivity of the equipment as well as reduces down time.


There’s a range of cleaning equipment in the market to suit the different types of flooring businesses have. Implementing the right piece of cleaning equipment for your facilities flooring is essential. In fact, it may be best to use separate equipment on floors that have different surfaces. There will be an investment in it. However, the ROI will far exceed the implementation of this equipment. It will be worth it! Not only will you avoid accident claims and increase the cleanliness of your facility but you can show your employees and customers that you’re serious about safety!

Maintaining the cleanliness of your Company is a must, and having a partnership with a reliable supplier of Industrial and commercial cleaning equipment can help you do that comfortably.

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