Gorbel Articulating Jib Crane

These cranes can position loads in places that cannot be reached with traditional jibs. They can move around corners, reach into machines or doorways, and swing under obstructions. These cranes offer effortless rotation and a consistent responsiveness when positioning loads in a work cell, through open doorways or into machines.

Installation: wall mounted, easy to install

Effortless rotation

Capacity up to 2000 pounds

Coverage: circular, Standard spans to 16 feet
200 degree rotation on the primary boom and 360 degrees in the secondary boom
Provides a clear work area with no floor obstructions and requires minimal overhead clearance for installation

Perfect for: Moving loads around corners, Reaching loads into machines or through doorways or Swinging loads under obstructions

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Capacity: 250 lbs.

Span: 16 ft.

Height Under Boom (HUB): 8 ft.

Overall Height (Crane Only): 9.3854 feet

Overturning Moment: 7.99 K-Ft

Axial Load: 1.54 Kips

Anchor Bolt Load: 1.08 Kips

Hoist Allowance: 37.5 lbs.

Overall Deflection Criteria: Span / 150 = 1.28 in

Bolt Circle Diameter: 30 inches

Trolley Saddle Height: 7.7917 feet

Coverage: circular

360 degree rotation at each pivot point

Can be used with hook mounted lifting devices (electric, air, or vacuum)

Applications: circular coverage areas, moving loads around corners or through doorways, reaching loads into machines,

swinging loads under obstructions

Effortless rotation

Special foundations may be required: crane drawing will have foundation requirements

Made in the U.S.A.

Gorbel 10-year Crane Warranty

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Weight 1500 lbs