Gravity Roller Conveyor 2″ Diameter

Gravity Roller conveyor is used to convey packages on permanent or temporary lines in warehousing activities, shipping department, assembly areas, etc. Majority of products will convey with a minimum amount of pitch.


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Conveyor width is measured in two ways; overall width (OAW) and between rail width.  Overall width includes the width of the frame, which is 1.5″ on either side of the rails.  This means that the between rail width would be 3″ less than the overall width of the conveyor.  Keep this in mind when determining what width of conveyor you need to meet your package requirements.

Length & Supports

Roller conveyor is available in 5 foot and 10 foot lengths for straight sections.  The length of the conveyor along with the number of supports underneath greatly determine its load capacity.  In most applications, supports should be placed in either 5 or 10 feet intervals depending on the weight of the product you are conveying.  By installing a support every 5 feet, capacity of that section increases greatly; keep in mind though that no matter how close together you place supports, the roller axles themselves also have a capacity that should not be exceeded.

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