HP Plus Handrail

The HP Plus handrails are the strongest version of the FLEX IMPACT ® handrails. By adding a third extra horizontal rail and heavier posts, we want to focus on separating and shielding pedestrians from high-risk traffic zones where constant heavy maneuvering takes place.

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Robust safety gate with high impact resistance

This robust handrail provides high impact resistance and flexibility. The HP Plus is able to absorb crashes with heavier vehicles and guarantee the safety of passing pedestrians. They are useful for situations on the public roads, at wharves, as well as on company sites where there is constant circulation of forklifts, pallet trucks, Clark lifters and other heavy vehicles.

Glow In The Dark Option Available
All of the handrails on the safety barrier plus systems are available with the option of a glow in the dark strip on the rails for extra visibility when lighting is compromised. The strip is not a reflector and does not require any electrical connection to work. The strip will absorb environmental lighting and look white when the area is well lit. Should you lose power to your lighting, the strips will glow for approximately half an hour, giving your workers ample time to make their way to the exits safely.

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