RamGuard 12″ Column Protector

For responsible warehouse operators, safety is always a paramount concern; safety not only for the personnel working there, but for infrastructure and product. The RamGuard column protector offers protection for all three by guarding against all-too-common forklift impacts on upright frame columns. Even in safe warehouses with careful forklift drivers, the eventual collision of lift truck fork and upright frame is bound to occur. Minimize the damage inflicted by investing in the industry’s toughest column protector: RamGuard.

Featuring a unique rubber-coated metal design, lift truck forks bounce off the RamGuard, leaving your racking in-tact and structurally sound.

The RamGuard

Requires no hardware — simply snap onto upright columns
Absorbs more potential energy than plastic or metal
Help create a safer warehouse environment
Reduce peak stress in a column by 72%

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Impact Tests Show RAMGuard’s Advantages
Impact testing to FEM 10.2.02 standards has shown the RAMGuard dissipates more impact energy and better distributes impact forces than competitive guards resulting in no damage to the column or the guard. During extensive frontal and 45° angle testing, the same RAMGuard protector easily withstood more than 20 identical hits without allowing any damage to the column.

* Energy absorbing elastomer guards outperform plastic guards
* Elastomer guards lower the peak acceleration levels at the column
* Elastomer guard with steel reinforcement will endure multiple impacts with no loss of performance

Dimensions and Fit
Size 12″ high 5.5″ wide
Weight 9 lbs
Fits Columns 3″ wide and up to 3″ deep
Testing Test Setup to meet European FEM 10.2.02 Standard Fits all 3″ wide face columns

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Weight 9 lbs
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