Serco Master Control Panel

Streamline your loading dock equipment with the simple push of a button by adding the Serco Master Control Panel. As workloads increase, busy loading docks only get more complicated, making automating your dock equipment necessary in order to meet the demands. Typically, with each new piece of equipment, you’ll face even more control panels and electrical conduit, cluttering your walls, creating frustration for your employees and increasing installation costs. The Serco Master Control Panel lets you combine operating controls for all your devices into one easy-to-use dock compact panel, putting control conveniently in one place and improving productivity on your dock, while saving you time and money.

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Smart Design Advantages:

Ensures a safe, sequential operation of equipment by interlocking it
Saves labor and wiring installation costs by using a single power source and voltage type
Compact dock control panel size optimizes wall space and organizes controls
Control and monitoring of dock doors increases security and prevents accidental door damage
Sequential control and monitoring of inflatable seals and shelters increases environmental efficiency and security
Customization options include bilingual labeling for clearer communication, auxiliary equipment operations and company logo