Stack N Nest Containers

These fiberglass-reinforced containers feature Stack-N-Nest® design, consistent tare weight, smooth outside surface and radius angles for easy and safe handling. Plexton® Stack-N-Nest Containers feature a wire-reinforced rim. Plexton® containers are your ideal solution for heavy-duty storage, work-in-progress and distribution applications. Plexton® Containers withstand extreme cold temperatures to -60F. Extreme heat up to 250 degrees F (continuous) and 300 degrees F (intermittent). Fully autoclavable. Extreme weight up to 500lbs. per container. Bottom container in stack supports up to 3,000 lbs. Resistant to most oils, moisture, chemicals and solvents. Not affected by radiation. All Plexton® containers, hoppers and trays can be manufactured in materials for flame retardance, food grade, or ESD protection, minimum order quantity and set up charge apply.

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