Southworth Tandem Lift

The Southworth Tandem lifts provide level rise for long loads such as lumber, pipes, sheets, bar stock, and assemblies. These lifts are typically used as feeding tables for tube welders, formers, and panel saws as well as for bundling and banding bar stock, lumber, and other materials. Tandem design allows the combination of high capacity and low collapsed height.


The LST Series lift table is built for years of trouble free service. All Southworth lifts are designed for longevity and easy access for any required maintenance. This table is an economical alternative for manual lifting and positioning. It also features low pressure hydraulics, fully adjustable down speed, heavy-duty torque tubes to minimize deflection, lubricated for life pins, rollers and bushings, heavy-duty wire braided hoses for maximum burst strength

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Tandem Lift Information

Model Number Capacity (pounds) Platform Range (in)
LST4-36 4000 (24×96) to (48×120)
LST8-36 8000 (24×96) to (48×120)
LST12-36 12000 (24×96) to (48×120)
LST4-48 4000 (24×132) to (48×168)
LST8-48 8000 (24×172) to (48×204)
LST12-48 12000 (24×132) to (48×168)
LST4-60 4000 (24×172) to (48×204)
LST8-60 8000 (24×172) to (48×204)
LST10-60 10000 (24×172) to (48×204)
LST12-60 12000 (24×172) to (48×204)

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