Wall Mounted Pivot Pro

The Wall Mounted Pivot Pro can help you position loads in places you cannot reach with traditional jibs. It provides easy rotation and consistent responsiveness when positioning loads throughout the crane’s coverage area. The Wall Mounted model is capable of 200° rotation on the primary arm and 300° rotation with the secondary arm.

  • Capacity up to 150 lbs.
  • Coverage: circular, Standard spans to 12′
  • 200 degree rotation on primary boom and 300 on secondary arm
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  • Designed to fit all major vacuum equipment manufacturers
  • Sealed tubes eliminate the need for festooning in vacuum and air applications
  • Allows for precise positioning by eliminating the “whip” of the boom that is experienced in repetitive and high cycle applications
  • Greatly reduces the wear and tear on the vacuum lift tubes
  • Also mountable on columns

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Weight 500 lbs