Wire Decking

Add wire decking to your pallet rack when you want to store more than pallet loads of goods. This decking has a wire mesh base with cross bars to support and strengthen the decking.

  • Store cartons, cases and large articles on pallet rack
  • Outside waterfall style deck fits over beams for better stability when loaded
  • Self-positioning cross bars add support
  • Provides air movement and sprinkler access between rack levels
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A great addition to any pallet rack system, wire decking allows storage of less than pallet sized loads on your pallet rack. The strong, wire mesh supports cartons, boxes and containers easily. Outer lip on decking fits over the outside of the beam for a secure fit.

  • Outside waterfall decking style means decking extends over the top of the beam and slightly down the outside edge to provide a secure position on the beam
  • Decking includes self-positioning cross bars for load support
  • Decking surface is wire mesh to provide air movement between racks and allow sprinkler systems to penetrate to all layers of storage

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