Crown 30TSP Turret Truck

Using the basic concept and engineering of the Crown Turret Sideloader, the Crown 30TSP Turret Truck gives you the best of both worlds: turret truck capability for full pallet loading and individual case picking. Operating in an aisle only inches wider than the load, the 30TSP can lift to 531? and with a maximum capacity of 3000 lb.

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A 72-volt electrical system available to meet application requirements.

Drive Unit/Drive Motor

Crown-built drive motor matches motor performance for the task. Dual front-wheel drive provides better traction and stability.

Control Handle

Multiple-function control handle simplifies any task and is time-tested for proven reliability.


Left-hand steering provides full-time electronic power steering and full-function control while the right-hand controls travel direction and speed, raise, lower and horn.


Low-profile chassis provides lower center of gravity, resulting in increased elevated capacity. Chassis configuration designed to provide maximum capacity at elevated heights. Four-point weight distribution provides maximum stability at height.


Dual brake pedals ensure that both feet remain in the operator compartment. Two force levels of mechanical braking provide smooth stopping.


Infinite speed control in forward and reverse can be tuned to fit any application. Lineal speed curve provides maximum travel speeds at elevated heights.


A high level of serviceability simplifies maintenance and prolongs equipment life. Service and parts manual recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.

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Weight 1500 lbs