Crown PR 4500 Series Rider Pallet Trucks

The PR 4500 Series of Rider Pallet Trucks is built to be intuitive, ergonomic and easy to operate. And, with a host of safety and comfort features, such a side-stance position, tilted floorboards and power steering, the PR 4500 is ready to meet the needs of any operator for long-haul transporting.

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A 24-volt electrical system.

Drive Unit/Drive Motor

The largest drive unit in its class of lift truck means long-term performance. The drive unit is both top and bottom mounted to withstand the constant impact delivered when crossing expansion joints or docks. Crown-built drive motor, mounted horizontally, matches motor performance for the task.

Drive Tire

The largest drive tire in this class of truck improves traction and decreases downtime caused by rough floors and poor dock conditions.

Fork Assembly
A dual entry-exit system that combines rollers and ramps assists with pallet entry and exit. A fully-adjustable fork assembly withstands loads of 6000 and 8000 lb. and works in all types of pallets.

Control Handle

Full-function control is provided for right-hand operation of travel, lift, lower and horn functions. Directional activator with twist grip is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit a variety of positions, minimizing hand and wrist fatigue.


Left-hand steering tiller provides full-time power steering, reducing the effort to turn when transporting 6000 and 8000 lb. loads.


A side-stance position provides maximum visibility for the operator.


Industry-leading top travel speeds are achieved through Access 1 2 3 technology and the latest AC traction control.

Operator Safety & Comfort

Side-stance positions the operator for maximum effectiveness and forward/reverse visibility during travel and load handling functions.


Access 1 2 3 technology provides advanced diagnostics to pinpoint problems, test components and quickly determine the problem. In addition, Crowns InfoPoint system compliments Access 1 2 3 to provide faster, simpler and higher quality service by following a logical, easy to understand trouble-shooting process.

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Weight 1500 lbs