Crown RT Series

The RT rider pallet truck has a load capacity of 4500 lb and travels up to 7.5 miles/hour. The narrow chassis and short head length are perfect for congested and demanding applications. When dependable performance matters, rely on the compact yet durable RT Series to work as hard as you do, performing tough tasks without sacrificing operator comfort and control.

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From congested docks to narrow warehouse aisles, the RT Series pallet truck was built to maneuver them with ease. Features include intuitive controls, electronic power steering, powerful acceleration, and a compact power unit that provides exceptional stability and maneuverability.

The contoured backrest and cushioned knee pad panel reduce physical stress for the operator while providing durable comfort.

Right- or left-handed operation on the award-winning X10 Control Handle eliminate the need to shift hand positions to reach the controls.

A 20.3-wide operator compartment and a low 5.1 step height make for a comfortable ride and easy on/off tasks.

Crown RT Series

Crown RT Series

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Weight 1500 lbs