Crown SP 3500 Series Stock Picker

Durable, reliable and efficient, the SP 3500 reaches platform heights of 20 feet and can handle stock picking loads up to 3000 lb. But its real strength is in the control and confidence it gives the order picker.

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A 24-volt electrical system controlled by Crowns state-of-the-art Access 123 Comprehensive System Control.
Drive Unit/Drive Motor
The largest drive unit in its class of truck means longterm performance. Crown built AC traction motor and controller give you the performance advantage you need to improve stockpicking productivity.

Drive Tire

The large drive tire (13″) improves traction and stability.
Crowns exclusive Access 123 Comprehensive System Control enables safe, industry-leading lift truck performance and diagnostics through an intrinsic method of communication. Guaranteed.
The directional controls offer additional stability and confidence advantages. Our fixed (non-pivotal) directional control handle, coupled with four points of solid contact, adds another degree of security at height.


A maximum travel speed of 6.5 mph is achieved through Access 123 technology and the latest AC traction control. Linear Height Speed Control provides smooth travel speed transition as lift heights change and increases productivity. Performance levels can be tuned to match application requirement or operator skill level.

Operator Safety & Comfort

The large platform gives operators more room to move. Standard power steering provides smooth, precise operation. Side gates, integrated into the trucks control system, protect operators when and where intended, and easily more out of the way when not needed.


Crowns patented Intelligent Braking System (IBS) uses motor-assisted braking combined with optimum amounts of friction braking.


The platform window offers the largest viewing area available for a clearer view of pick locations during forward travel.
Faster, easier service is the result of component accessibility and placement, as well as the industry’s easiest and most advanced diagnostics.Access 123 provides advanced diagnostics to pinpoint problems, test components, and quickly determine the problem.

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Weight 1500 lbs