Daily Degreaser – 4 Pack

Four 2 liter units per case

Applications: Use for cleaning and degreasing. Removes pencil and ink marks. Each 2 Liter bottle of concentrate makes 36 quarts of cleaning solution. Part of the Multi-Task Dilution Control System. Notes: Multi-Task™ Spray and wipe cleaner and degreaser. Removes greasy fingerprints, and other grease and grime on a variety of surfaces.

  • Super Concentrated, spray and wipe for cleaner degreaser for touch grime and soil
  • Use to degrease parts and other surfaces
  • Removes pencil and ink marks
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Every day – Everywhere. Stronger than general purpose cleaners, attacks and lifts everyday grease and grime on hundreds of surfaces. Simply spray and wipe surfaces clean. Cars and trucks. Yield per 2 liter Bottle…….. 38 Quarts of Ready to Use product. Your cost would be $1.37 every time you fill a spray bottle.

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Weight 20 lbs
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