HD Light Handrail

The HD Light is the perfect handrail for guiding pedestrians and separating them from light traffic. The HD Light handrail is a great alternative to floor markings for increased safety in the workspace. After all, employees often overlook safety rules when faced with both lack of time and pressure to perform. A physical barrier with HD Light compels them to follow the walkway and prevent possible accidents.

Use: The HD is used for guiding pedestrians in areas with no or very light vehicle traffic such as hand trucks, trolleys, carts, etc.

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Glow In The Dark Option Available

All of the handrails on the safety barrier plus systems are available with the option of a glow in the dark strip on the rails for extra visibility when lighting is compromised. The strip is not a reflector and does not require any electrical connection to work. The strip will absorb environmental lighting and look white when the area is well lit. Should you lose power to your lighting, the strips will glow for approximately half an hour, giving your workers ample time to make their way to the exits safely.


  • Made from our BSP polymer with dynamic memory, specifically engineered to absorb impacts and then immediately return to its original shape
  • Playfully modular and easy to install, enabling you to create the exact layout needed to match your facility’s requirements
  • Ergonomically designed rails that feel comfortable to the hand
  • Number of rails: 2
  • Standard length: 5′
  • Custom lengths available: 1′ to 6 1/2′
  • Total height: 43″
  • Anchors per post: 2 (1/2″ x 4 1/2″)
  • Post color: Std. Black / Rail color: Std Yellow, other options available
  • Accessories: Corners, Toeboards, Kickplates, Stainless steel base plates

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