Minuteman Roboscrub 20 – Autonomous Cleaning

The RoboScrub 20 powered by BrainOS® represents the next generation of robotic floor care. Brain’s advanced vision-based AI system enables the robot to navigate complex, real-world environments. The machine is designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees and can still be used manually for ad-hoc situations.

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  • • Vision Based Technology Requires No Infrastructure Modifications
  • • Capable of Navigating Complex & Dynamic Environments
  • • Simple & Intuitive User-Interface
  • • Eliminates Collision Damage & Driver Mistakes
  • • Ensures Consistent & Reliable Floor Care Performance
  • • Allows Employees to Focus on Higher Value Tasks
  • • Manual and autonomous.
  • • Autonomous function is trained by user to replicate multiple scrubbing routes.
  • • Multi-layer sensor system perceives environment, controlling vehicle and navigation.
  • • Overlapping sensors detect and avoid people and obstacles. Equipped with auto-stop button. Beeps alert passersby.
  • • Robot Operations Center (ROC), managed by Brain Corp technicians, provides remote monitoring, usage analytics and first line customer service.

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