Powerboss Scrubmaster AMR

  • Industry’s tightest close quarter cleaning machine. The AMR turn in a 79” aisle.
  • Productivity – The PowerBoss AMR will scrub up to 24,500ft2 in manual operation.
  • Simple Operation – The BrainOS Technology allows for the memorization of up to 60 different floor layouts.
  • The PowerBoss AMR is equipped with Fill IN functionality. Just train the AMR on the outline of the area to be cleaned and the PB AMR will fill in the rest automatically.
  • Multiple battery packs can be paired with your AMR to achieve maximum productivity. Up to 6 hours in one shift.
  • Total Water Control: The PowerBoss AMR Scrub Deck is designed around a parabolic squeegee that articulates with the scrub head. This allows for maximum water control on the tightest of turns providing you with safe slip-free floors.
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  • The PowerBoss AMR converts to conventional scrubber for unexpected cleaning needs.
  • The PowerBoss AMR is engineered with multiple interfacing technologies such as Lidar, 3D cameras, 2D cameras and cellular 4G modems to communicate at all times with employee supervisors and Brain Inc. Engineers.
  • Brain’s autonomous package traces routes that have been cleaned so management can review for maximum cleaning efficiencies.
  • PowerBoss offers the longest warranty in the autonomous market.
  • The BrainOS AMR package is designed to safely navigate its surroundings. It will detect and avoid people and obstacles while automatically learning new paths to continue efficient operation.
  • The AMR is designed to operate in light warehouse settings, allowing employees to work on higher task cleaning operations.
  • Safety – Multiple safety features allow the AMR to work safely in industrial applications. The AMR will go into “SAFETY” mode…stop and notify employee supervisor if any operation issues should arise.
  • Operates through tight aisles as well as covering large areas of floor completely autonomously with 16-gallon solution/recovery tanks.
  • Incorporates turn signals to notify employees of an impending turn.
  • Designed to clean multiple floor types with pads or brushes.
  • Clean up to 60 different floor configurations.

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