Maybury Rent to Own Material Handling Equipment

Why Rent Your Material Handling Equipment?

Why should I rent my forklifts? We get this question from clients from time to time. The easy answer is that renting isn’t for everybody; that’s why we offer rentals, as well as the sale of material handling equipment. However, renting your fleet of forklifts has a few advantages that we’d like to share. You might also be surprised to know that some businesses prefer to rent, even if they have the capital to purchase their own fleet.

No Major Upfront Investment

Not everyone has the capital (or the wiggle room) to invest a major amount of their capital in the purchase of a warehouse full of material handling equipment. The truth is, we all must start somewhere. Renting your warehouse equipment is a great way to fill your warehouse without investing too much of your money into the effort. Rentals are low-risk, and you can always purchase equipment as the need arises.

Access to Equipment

Why do some people lease vehicles? If you crunch the numbers, leasing a car doesn’t save you any money. The simple fact is that leasing a car gives you short-term access to the newest and greatest. When the time comes, you can give up your lease and sign a new agreement on the newest model.

A similar thing is true for material handling equipment rentals. Renting gives you access to a constant supply of the newest and greatest equipment. With renting, you also get access to our support and knowledge base.

Scalability & Flexibility

What’s easier, forecasting your needs and purchasing your fleet, hoping that things stay the same? Wouldn’t you rather rent your fleet and have the ability to scale your equipment up or down depending on the ebb and flow of your warehouse? Renting is a great way to be strategic about your needs.

Flexibility is also important to many warehouse owners. Are you in a pinch? With rentals, there’s more wiggle room to find quick solutions when life throws problems your way.


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Well-Trained Operators

We do warehouse design, and we sell and rent material handling equipment. What does that mean for you? We understand the essentials of warehouse storage from the ground up, and we know what equipment is needed to streamline your customized storage solution. Whether it’s a custom-designed mezzanine floor that effectively doubles your warehouse space or double-deep high-density racks that store twice the number of pallets; we can work with you to find a solution to your space problem.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive, and we reward clients that value long-term relationships. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates, but we also offer discounts for long-term rentals, so your decision to implement a long-term equipment program in your warehouse truly pays off.

Are you interested in benefiting from the perks of renting your material handling equipment? Reach out to us today to discuss your options.